Levissima Issima & Angry Birds

Role: Creative Art Director, UI/UX designer 
Agency: Ogilvy Interactive World Wide
Brand: Levissima, popular Italian water brand (www.levissima.it)

This is original, produced work.
I had the pleasure of working on the Levissima Issima fall campaign (2016)
in partnership with Rovio, the team behind Angry Birds.

Levissima "Issima", is the the most popular water bottle for kids in Italy.
I have concepted and designed the UI/UX of the website,
the downloadable contents and all the related creative material for this campaign.​​​​​​​
Early Sketches of the wireframe on my moleskine.
Wireframes, from concept to design.
This is what it looked like live.
All pages and downloadable contents are responsive
and will work on any device seamlessly.

Here an original shot of the work in progress at my desk in Ogilvy.
Kids love games, so I have designed a paper game
that they can assemble and play with their parents.
(assembled example in the shot above).
By clicking on download ("scarica" in Italian) you can get a pdf
that contains the games assets and rules to play a paper version
of Angry Birds.

The pdf design is simple, so that printers
won't consume too much ink.
Simple and intuitive, you could think of it as Angry Birds in real life.
I have also designed banners and call to actions
for other websites that sell Levissima Issima.
Thanks for viewing!
Want your own paper Angry Birds?
(taglia = cut • piega = fold • incolla = glue)

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