Developed for: Oculus Rift (Virtual Reality Headset).
Role: Creative Interactive Art Director, Programmer

This is a real, working VR app that I have developed for Mac.
I am passionate about new technologies and immersive content so I have decided to create a Virtual Reality exposition (literally) of my portfolio. I have also created a game where you can fly around on a broomstick collecting my portfolio pieces to win. It's the first ever of its kind!

What you are looking at are in-experience screenshots, taken live.
The museum's architecture has been designed by Alessandro Pupillo (Architect).
In game mode, you can fly the broomstick
just by looking at the direction you want to fly to.
Turno your computer's audio on and collect my portfolio pieces to win!
This is what people will see on your computer's screen,
while you are wearing your Vr goggles.
Yes, there are easter eggs.
Coffees on me if you know the reference for this one!
Thanks for viewing ;)

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